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3 - Setting the Search Options

Before running a search, you need to tell MelodicMatch where to look for MusicXML files on your computer. On the File menu, click Search Options... Figure 1 shows the Search Options dialog.

Figure 1

In order for the search to run, the Search folder field must contain the name of the folder where your music files reside. In this example, the folder is the "samples\symphonies\No 101" folder under your MelodicMatch installation folder. Check that the folder name has been set correctly before running the search.

You can leave the other fields on the Search Options dialog set to their default values at this point. However, if you wish, you can provide a comment describing the intentions of this search. Comments are useful reminders when you return to a search that you created months earlier. You can provide comments for searches, patterns and relationships. MelodicMatch saves these comments as part of the search. As a methodological discipline, providing comments is a good habit to acquire.

The tutorial continues by Reviewing the Search Results.



Write your music with an eye to its form and proportions as you go

Find patterns and points for comparison between pieces

Find typographical inconsistencies in remote locations