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14 - The Next Step

If you've got this far, you've now seen most of the functionality that MelodicMatch has to offer. You will have learnt how to

  • create patterns
  • review and interpret search results
  • create relationships
  • use search totals
  • create search groups

You will also have seen how these features can contribute to the act of music analysis.

Where to from here?

The tutorial deals with instrumental music. By way of something different, you may wish to explore some of the features that MelodicMatch uses when searching for the text in lyrics in MusicXML files. In using the Pattern Options dialog to create the patterns in the tutorial, you will have noticed that in addition to file-based patterns and intervallic patterns, MelodicMatch offers the ability to specify the text of lyrics as a pattern in its own right. From an analytical perspective, the ways in which the text of the lyrics have been set can provide a revealing insight into a composer's priorities. By searching for words in the lyrics of a piece as patterns, MelodicMatch can help to throw light on the compositional process behind the word-setting.

It should be apparent that pattern-matching in music offers a range of analytical possibilities. Your aims and imagination will guide you in your use of MelodicMatch. We hope that you find it a creative and rewarding experience.


Write your music with an eye to its form and proportions as you go

Find patterns and points for comparison between pieces

Find typographical inconsistencies in remote locations