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4 - Reviewing the Search Results

By this stage, MelodicMatch should be ready to run your first search. On the File menu, click Run Search.

If the search runs correctly, the MelodicMatch window should resemble that shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

These results are typical of a successful search. The topmost pane of the search window shows the list of patterns in the search, and the coloured squares act as a legend for the results chart in the lower pane. The tree view to the left shows the folders and files on your computer, and the list view to the right shows the details for each result.

The grey areas on the chart represent empty bars in the score. Where present in the MusicXML file, repeat bars also appear in results charts, giving you an impression of the overall proportions of a piece.

If you hover the mouse over a result in the chart, a tooltip appears showing the name of the pattern that generated the result. Where applicable, the tooltip will also show the name of the relationship(s) of which the pattern is a member, and the text of any comment that you have provided for the pattern using the Pattern Display Options dialog. In Figure 1, the third result in the first violin part shows such a tooltip. In vocal music, the tooltip also includes the text of the lyrics that appear under the notes on which the pattern has matched.

If you click a result in the chart, the tree view will automatically select the staff in which the result appears, and the results list will select the specific result itself. The pattern list will also select the pattern for which the result was found.

If you double-click a result in the chart, MelodicMatch will show the Pattern Display Options dialog. You can use this dialog to change the appearance (colour and shading style) of the pattern. Changes that you make to patterns in this dialog will be reflected immediately in the search results.

If you hold down the SHIFT key and double-click a result in the chart, MelodicMatch will show the Pattern Options dialog. Changes that you make to patterns in this dialog will cause the results to be cleared, and you will need to re-run the search.

As you move the mouse over the results chart, the status bar shows the bar number under the mouse cursor.

This tutorial continues with Interpreting the Results.



Write your music with an eye to its form and proportions as you go

Find patterns and points for comparison between pieces

Find typographical inconsistencies in remote locations