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Welcome to the homepage of MelodicMatchTM, software for analysing music through pattern recognition.

"Modern techniques in information technology have much to offer the way we examine, understand, and discuss music."

MelodicMatch puts these techniques into your hands, developing your engagement with pieces and repertoires through intellectual curiosity and a willingness to experiment.

MelodicMatch enables you to search for musical phrases in one or more pieces. MelodicMatch can search for melodies, rhythms and lyrics in MusicXML files.

MelodicMatch is aimed at composers and music analysts and offers three principal benefits. You can create a graphical summary of the music. You can locate musical patterns in unexpected contexts. And you can use MelodicMatch's charts to compare large-scale forms.

MelodicMatch lets you try out different searches based on your intuition, without needing to devote large amounts of time hunting through musical scores. For a full explanation of how MelodicMatch can help you, check out the topics in the Online Tutorial.

MelodicMatch v1.2.2 is now available from the download page.

Note that the commercial version of MelodicMatch was withdrawn from sale in May 2016, although you are welcome to download and use the free version.

Comments and enquiries regarding MelodicMatch can be sent to support@melodicmatch.com



Write your music with an eye to its form and proportions as you go

Find patterns and points for comparison between pieces

Find typographical inconsistencies in remote locations