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MelodicMatchTM offers the following capabilities when working with files in the popular MusicXML notation format. MusicXML is supported by the notation editors Finale and Sibelius.

Feature Description
Melodic searches
  • Search for melodies in their original form, retrograde, inversion and retrograde inversion.
  • Search for sequences of intervals independently of rhythm.
  • Search for melodies at any specific transposition.
  • Search for melodies that match an intervallic outline.
  • Search for melodies, ignoring repeated pitches.
Rhythmic searches
  • Search for rhythms independently of any intervallic contour.
  • Search for rhythms in augmentation and diminution.
  • Optionally ignore the rhythm of the last note in the pattern.
Lyric searches
  • Search for the text of lyrics with or without case sensitivity.
  • Search for lyrics matching on typographical attributes: bold or italic.
Articulations Specify articulation markings in a pattern and match only where the articulations are present.
Multiple patterns Construct searches based on any number of patterns*. Assign distinctive colours and cross-hatching styles to each pattern to enable easy differentiation between them.
Relationships (New in v1.1) Assign patterns to named groups and limit the display of the results to those from patterns in a specific group. This allows you to visualise a logical relationship between patterns according to the aims of your analysis.
Compound patterns Specify that two or more patterns in a relationship must appear in the same bar in order for MelodicMatch to show a result.
Search Totals Show the number of results from each pattern in a search within selected staves, files and folders.
Search Groups Show the charts from more than one search in a single window for easy comparison.
Statistics Searches Generate statistics from each MusicXML file in a folder, including
  • Number of notes in a voice, staff and file
  • Number of appoggiaturas and acciaccaturas
  • Number of notes that carry syllables
  • Number of bars
  • Number of empty bars
  • Range of a staff
  • Tessitura of a staff*
  • Pitch class counts: number of notes in each pitch class; percentage of number of notes overall and percentage of the sounding time.
  • Horizontal interval counts.
GUI features
  • Analyse music using a familiar, Windows Explorer-style interface.
  • Copy and paste patterns from one search window to another.
  • Sort the search results for each staff according to bar number, transformation type, transposition distance, or phrase length.
  • Drag and drop MusicXML pattern files from Windows Explorer directly onto MelodicMatch's window for rapid construction of search criteria.
  • Undo and redo actions.
  • Peruse the comprehensive On-line help.
  • Instantly open Windows Explorer or a command prompt at the location of a search.
Score summary
  • Produce graphical summaries - charts - of the music based on the search results*.
  • Copy the charts into other Windows applications via the Clipboard.
  • Optionally show empty bars as coloured regions.
  • Show special bar line types (repeats, double bars etc.)
  • Open a graphic image showing the page of the music that contains the bar under the cursor. (This feature requires you to include the filenames of the graphic images into the MusicXML files. Finale can generate a TIF image for each page of a score.)
  • Zoom in on a region of the chart.
Text results Save the search results as a text file. Save result lists, Statistics Searches and Search Totals as comma-separated value (CSV) files for easy viewing and manipulation in spreadsheet programs.
Performance Search quickly and easily through any number of MusicXML files in a folder, optionally including subfolders.
Archiving Save the search patterns as files for communication with others or for later retrieval.
Search Wizard Build searches using a step-by-step guide. Useful for inexperienced users of MelodicMatch.
Range and tessitura charts Statistics searches include a chart showing the range and tessitura* of each staff in a file.
  • Create free-text comments for individual search patterns and for searches as a whole.
  • Optionally, automatically generate comments showing the staff name and bar number in a file in which a pattern first appears.
Exclusion lists Specify the names of staves to include in the search. Staves with other names can be excluded.
Exclude patterns Suppress the results of specific patterns in a search.

* Denotes a feature that is fully available only to registered users of MelodicMatch. Unregistered installations of MelodicMatch are subject to the following limitations.

  • Only the first five patterns will be used in a search.
  • The charts will display a prominent watermark.
  • Statistics Searches do not include the tessitura calculations.


Write your music with an eye to its form and proportions as you go

Find patterns and points for comparison between pieces

Find typographical inconsistencies in remote locations